• Multi Tube Air Chucks are used for all types of Slitter, Rotogravure, Flexographics, Rewinder and Winder Machines and it can be easily mounted on the Pneumatics/ Mechanical / Multi Tube Shaft.
  • Multi Tube Air Chucks are having very light weight and it ensures safe use of cores without surface damage.
  • Multi Tube Air Chucks have equal tension on each strip, load divide on each strip that’s why it has more life as compared to Bladder Type Air Chuck.

Technical Specifications

Body Aluminium/ Alloy Steel
Available Sizes 76mm, 102mm, 152mm, 202mm
Type Multi Tubes / Lugs
Load Capacity Upto 1200 kg
Air Valve M-10, 1/8" (NRV) etc.
Air Pressure 0 to 6 Bar
Bush Stainless steel
Clamping Aluminium
Warranty 12 months for any manufacturing defects
Advantages Low maintenance, excellent core grip in any load, no core damage, economically designed & user friendly, quick changeover, easy to use, light & heavy constructions
Delivery Time Two Weeks

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