• Air Chucks are used for all types of Slitter, Rotogravure, Flexographics, Rewinder and Winder Machines and it can be easily mounted on the Pneumatics/ Mechanical/ Multi Tube Shaft.
  • Air Chucks are having very light weight and it ensures safe use of cores without surface damage.

Technical Specifications

Body Aluminium
Available Sizes 152mm, 202mm
Type Rubber Diaphragm / Lugs
Load Capacity Upto 500 kg
Air Valve M-10, 1/8" (NRV) etc.
Air Pressure 0 to 6 Bar
Bush Stainless steel
Clamping Aluminium
Warranty 12 months any manufacturing defects
Advantages Low maintenance, excellent core grip in any load, no core damage, economically designed & user friendly, quick changeover, easy to use, light & heavy constructions
Delivery Time Ten Days

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