Chamber Doctor Blade For Corrugated Printing

Retrofit to your Corrugated printing machine by remove the existing rubber roller and replace with our Chamber doctor blade assembly.

The system consist of hydro loading with Air/Oil converter and quick wash with double diaphragm pump that can change color to color with in 5 min. and save more water for washing.

It is environment friendly equipment


  • Save Ink, Varnish and Glue more than 30%
  • Imrpove printing Quality and Machine efficiency
  • Reduce Machine downtime and maintainance cost
  • Eliminate Orange Peel and Scoring Line on the Anilox Roll

Misllaneous Specifications

Series Application Anilox Roll Face
C Corr Corrugated Printing 2,000-5,600 mm.

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Industry Use

  • Rotogravure
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Waterbase Coating & Lamination
  • Paper, Foil, Pad and Textile