Chamber Doctor Blade For Coating and Lamination

Offset Tower Coater
Retrofit to your Offset Tower Coater unit to saving material and eliminate orange peel

Dry Lamination
Retrofit in your Lamination Machine to saving the material and keep good working environment


  • Save Ink, Varnish and Glue more than 30%
  • Imrpove printing Quality and Machine efficiency
  • Reduce Machine downtime and maintainance cost
  • Eliminate Orange Peel and Scoring Line on the Anilox Roll

Misllaneous Specifications

Series Application Anilox Roll Face
L-Coat Offset Tower Coater 500-2000 mm.
L-Coat Dry Laminator 500-2000 mm.
L-Coat Special Coating 500-2000 mm.

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Industry Use

  • Rotogravure
  • Flexographic Printing
  • Waterbase Coating & Lamination
  • Paper, Foil, Pad and Textile