• Button Air Expanding Shaft is one of the most popular and requested design shaft. It is suitable for a full range of converting and web production operation.
  • Button Air Expanding Shaft rugged construction and design is available for any diameter or length, in steel or aluminum with special designs available for heavy duty and light weight applications.
  • We manufacture to your specifications to suit your equipment, including standard or varied button spacing, cantilevered or custom designed.

Technical Specifications

Body Alloy steel / Aluminium
Available Sizes 76 mm, 100 mm, 120mm 152 mm, 202 mm
Lugs Steel / Aluminimum
Load Capacity Upto 2000 kg
Length Upto 2 meter
Air Pressure 0 to 6 Bar
End Piece EN-24 Hard Chrome Plated & Tempered
Warranty 12 Months for any manufacturing defects
Advantages Expands instantaneously for fast roll mounting.
Maximum gripping capability.
Grips cores securely without core or roll damage.
Maximum anti-deflection.
Used for unwinding or rewind positions.
Delivery Time Two Weeks

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