Anilox Chrome Roller

The Anilox roller has cells that carry a specific amount of ink to the plates, the number of cells per linear inch vary according to the type of print job. The higher Line Anilox Rollers will correlate with smaller BCM (Billions of Cubic Microns) Anilox Volumes.

Note: The lower the BCM Volume, the stronger (more pigment) your ink must be/have to achieve density. With increased strength comes a decrease in printing properties, resistance properties, etc. Keep this in mind when putting together a job jacket. When selecting an Anilxo Roll, there are three main aspects to keep in mind.

A.) The shape and angle of the cells (60º, 45º, 30º, etc.)
B.) The carrying capacity of the cell (or cell volume BCM)
C.) The number of cells per linear inch (or line screen)

The amount of ink that is transferred from a cell depends upon the carrying capacity of the cell, or the Cells BCM Volume. Remember, you with a wet and fluid film of ink and it is important to keep in mind that you want to print with the thinnest ink film possible for each particular job. Thinner ink films are easier to control, reduce dot gain and increase graphic capabilities.

Misllaneous Specifications

Application Appropriate Anilox Line Screen LPI Appropriate Anilox Volume
Heavy Lines and Solids 180-330 9-4 BCMs.
Line and type 200-400 8-3 BCMs.
Vignettes 360 - 500 3.6 - 2.8 BCMs
Process 500 - 1200 2.8 - 0.9 BCMs